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Reach infinite heights with your business

Transform countless lives with automated journeys that feel extraordinarily personal.

True greatness starts with genuine connections. At Creative Journeys, we know that moments only become truly memorable if they feel like a personal experience. That’s where we come in - we help you make that possible, so you can touch people in their hearts and permanently change their lives with what you do. Even if you’re not always present yourself.
With our exclusive Journey Architecture™ method, scaling up without losing that personal touch and your undeniable quality becomes self-explanatory. In fact, your business will grow into a completely unique world that transforms and touches countless lives. With passionate ambassadors that want to share their love for your business with each and everyone, and loyal fans that never want to leave you ever again.

Skyhigh conversion and an abundance of loyal customers.

Get ready for your own journey of a lifetime and grow to infinite heights through an automated network of digital pathways with Journey Architecture™. Journeys that inevitably lead to the heart of your business and feel like they were designed specifically for every single individual. Every element resulted from your expertise, every twist and turn born from your vision. By analyzing what moves, touches, and drives someone, we create a personal pathway based on the choices you give them. Every step becomes a state-of-the-art experience shaped after their deepest desires, a seamless series of memorable moments, an unforgettable journey - all leading to the place that feels like home: your brand.

makes your business the only possible choice, every single time.

Ranging from unique, interactive online and offline experiences to turn freelancing into freedom for Digna Brand, enormous launches totaling over €1,000,000 in revenue and programs generating over €250,000 for business coach Nies Cools, to journeys based on your personal Human Design earning over six figures in revenue for Nikki Willemse. One for one unique, successful creations that help their businesses reach infinite heights. Now it’s your turn.
Creative Journeys is there for you if you really want to grow exponentially. If you’re done with individual marketing initiatives and ready to build a strong foundation for your business with streamlined offers, leads and marketing, you need to go to Creative Journeys.
- Jill, Gillian Bakker
Anouk and Julian are the smartest and most strategic customer journey experts I have ever encountered. Not only do they quickly come up with hyper creative ideas, they figure out in no time how to make those technically feasible as well. Nothing is too crazy. The possibilities they have given me as an entrepreneur are truly infinite, giving me the freedom to provide the biggest and most innovative value for my customers, all combined within an ultimate experience. This is a golden formula, we’re far from finished making magic together.
- Digna, Freelance to Freedom
It’s a breath of fresh air to see Julian and Anouk think of endless possibilities at the highest level. They think anything but small, they see everything very big.
- Nies, Nies Cools

Our journey

Journey Architecture™ Strategy Blueprint

We start where you do: at the core. Which grand ambitions do you have and what impact are you planning to make? Together, we create your Journey Architecture™ Strategy Blueprint, a process in which we design the strategy that will make your journeys unique, ultimately personal and unseen experiences.

Development of your journeys

The development of your strategy consists of the technical setup and connecting all programs necessary to turn your journey into reality. During this process, we work on the perfect, infinite journey for your target audience, while you focus on content creation.

Optimization & new journeys

The greatest growth is in optimizing what we have created and continuing that journey together. We will be right next to you in this process, supporting each and every one of your ambitions and creating new journeys that perfectly fit your infinitely growing business.

Infinite heights

Infinite height is not the destination, it’s the journey. In your infinitely growing business, your heights get higher and higher with every goal you reach. During this process of growth, we are your trusted partner and are always standing next to you.

Connecting through the power of choice

With Journey Architecture™, you will never have to choose between a personal touch and scaling up. In fact, we believe that you can only reach those infinite heights by incorporating your unique competencies. As the world’s first Journey Architects™, we believe that automation-based marketing can be as unique as the journey we all take on every day, in which every single choice has the power to change your whole life. By creating an entire world of unique journeys based on their deepest desires and needs, your business becomes their only possible choice, every single time. An unforgettable experience in which everyone chooses their own direction, every choice impacting the starting point and the journey they take. A uniquely personal journey for every single individual within your business.