The choice is yours, take the stairs or The Elevator™

The Elevator™

We guide you in creating your own unprecedented journeys to take your business to a higher level.

You work incredibly hard at building your business and you can be extremely proud of that. You have a loyal customer base that loves working with you and recommends you to others. That brings in new leads and clients, but you simply can’t help everybody all at once. You’d love to but you’re reaching your ceiling. That’s not all. You want to use and pass on the knowledge and experience you have gathered. Build a sustainable brand, with strong foundations. You’re looking for the best way to grow your business without losing that personal touch, even when you’re not always there yourself.
In just six months, we guide you in designing your unique journeys for your business, so you never have to turn away new customers. Prepare for an endless flow of customers - this is your journey to a higher revenue without losing any quality.
Take The Elevator

Get ready to elevate your business growth

You will build the foundation that will allow you to scale your business for now and for years to come in a group under our personal guidance.
No one size fits all templates, but from day one you will design your own journey that fits your business and who you are.
In a select group with plenty of personal attention for everyone.
Learn all about the ins en outs of Journey Architecture™ by applying them to the unique journeys for your business.

Create your own way to the top

Learn how you can use Journey Architecture™ to take your business to infinite heights.

Ranging from unseen lead magnets everyone craves to unique customer journeys that make your business the obvious choice. You’re in for a treat. In no less than four live days, we teach you how to scale up from scratch. You will see for yourself how to bring your experiences to life and build journeys that are the envy of your competition. The sky is not the limit, because we will think along with you in creating an unprecedented strategy for your business, answer all questions on how to design and develop your own journeys and show you which programs and techniques can be used to turn them into an incredible success. You will learn how to analyze the data you collect and how you can use our unique method to keep optimizing your journeys. And that’s not all. We will fully immerse you in our Journey Architecture™ philosophy: you will receive deep-dive masterclasses, gain access to the exclusive group, and have the opportunity to schedule two one-on-one meetings with us.

Our journey

Journey Architecture™ Strategy Blueprint

We start where you do: at the core. Which grand ambitions do you have and what impact are you planning to make? Together, we create your Journey Architecture™ Strategy Blueprint, a process in which we design the strategy that will make your journeys unique, ultimately personal and unseen experiences.

Development of your journeys

The development of your strategy consists of the technical setup and connecting all programs necessary to turn your journey into reality. During this process, we work on the perfect, infinite journey for your target audience, while you focus on content creation.

Optimization & new journeys

The greatest growth is in optimizing what we have created and continuing that journey together. We will be right next to you in this process, supporting each and every one of your ambitions and creating new journeys that perfectly fit your infinitely growing business.

Infinite heights

Infinite height is not the destination, it’s the journey. In your infinitely growing business, your heights get higher and higher with every goal you reach. During this process of growth, we are your trusted partner and are always standing next to you.

Anouk and Julian are two lovely people to work with. Down-to-earth, practical, and intelligent. They complement each other very well and their strong mentality motivates you to think bigger and take action. I love their hands-on approach and analytical knowledge. I’d strongly recommend working with them!
- Elisa, Elisa Vergote
I didn’t just enjoy the process and learn a lot in this program, but it also got me thinking about what else could be possible with my business. Anouk and Julian are superstars in what they do and go so much further than funnels and emails. They are true experts who genuinely want to see your business grow and give you the tools to do so. This is the perfect program if you want to bring your business to a professional and fully automated level.
- Jill, Gillian Bakker
It’s the little things you’ve never even thought about, and the guidelines they offer to successfully and clearly work out a strategy. It’s great to work with Anouk and Julian, not only because they are true experts in their field but also because they are very creative in helping you create and develop the most unique possible things with your business.
- Florette, Florette Vervloet

This is your one way access to the top level floor of your field and the start of incredible business growth.

Step into an elevator of top-notch expertise to create unprecedented journeys
excl. VAT
Payment in installments is possible
Two-day live strategy kick-off
Two live days in the third and fifth month of the program
Deep-dive masterclasses about Journey Architecture™
Three online Q&A sessions
Access to our exclusive Telegram group
Two 30-minute one-on-one calls with us
Currently, the Elevator™ is only available in Dutch language. Join our waitlist and be the first to know when the English version is launching.

Connecting trough the power of choice

With Journey Architecture™, you will never have to choose between a personal touch and scaling up. In fact, we believe that you can only reach those infinite heights by incorporating your unique competencies. As the world’s first Journey Architects™, we believe that automation-based marketing can be as unique as the journey we all take on every day, in which every single choice has the power to change your whole life. By creating an entire world of unique journeys based on their deepest desires and needs, your business becomes their only possible choice, every single time. An unforgettable experience in which everyone chooses their own direction, every choice impacting the starting point and the journey they take. A uniquely personal journey for every single individual within your business.
Please note: limited spots available

The next group starts on 15 April 2024 (in Dutch).
Let's level up

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?
The Elevator™ is a six-month group program in which we cover every part of Journey Architecture™. Starting with the development of your strategy and turning that into reality, to all technical matters and optimizing your journeys.
How long is The Elevator™ program and what can I expect during that period?
The Elevator™ is a six-month group program in which we cover every part of Journey Architecture™. Starting with the development of your strategy and turning that into reality, to all technical matters and optimizing your journeys.
When are The Elevator™ live days and what will they cover?
Over the course of no less than four live days, we cover the complete Journey Architecture™ method and how you can apply that to your business - from strategy to optimization. The live days for the upcoming group are 15 April, 16 April, 14 May, and 10 September 2024.
How interactive is the program? Do I get the opportunity to receive direct feedback and personalized guidance?
The program will be completely adapted to the group that participates, but Journey Architecture™ is the foundation the entire program is based on. Every participant gets the opportunity to schedule two one-on-one sessions with us, and in addition, you can ask all your questions in the Telegram group. During the four live days, we interactively work on your business and your journeys.
How much time do I need to invest in The Elevator™ on a weekly basis?
Apart from the time invested during the four live days, we recommend taking three hours out of your weekly schedule to work on your journeys. The first month will mainly cover creating your strategy before we can develop the technical side and the content of your journeys. During the last part of the program, the main focus will be on optimization and understanding the collected data.
Is it possible to retain you as my partners after The Elevator™ ends?
In your unlimitedly expanding business, your highs get higher and higher with every goal you reach. During this process of growth, we are your trusted partner and are always standing next to you. We’d love to continue to do so, that’s why there’s a special program to further guide you in your journey once The Elevator™ concludes.
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