Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Viewdeck™ and how can it help me scale up my business?
The Viewdeck™ is an interactive experience through which you will look at the journeys within your business based on Journey Architecture™. After The Viewdeck™, you will know exactly how you can start your own journey to scale up your business, without compromising on your expertise or personal touch.
Is The Viewdeck™ suited for every business or industry?
The Viewdeck™ is suited for all businesses that want to discover how automations and a personal feel can combine into unique customer journeys. The Viewdeck™ is mainly suited for service providers but can definitely be applied to other businesses or industries who look to innovate and excel when it comes to customer journeys.
What is the investment?
The Viewdeck is an exploration, a different point of view, a look into each of your journeys. A ticket for this interactive experience costs €47 excl. VAT. Your journey to The Viewdeck™ starts automatically after you’ve purchased your ticket: you will receive your ticket by post (Currently only available in The Netherlands and Belgium).

Connecting through the power of choice

With Journey Architecture™, you will never have to choose between a personal touch and scaling up. In fact, we believe that you can only reach those infinite heights by incorporating your unique competencies. As the world’s first Journey Architects™, we believe that automation-based marketing can be as unique as the journey we all take on every day, in which every single choice has the power to change your whole life. By creating an entire world of unique journey based on their deepest desires and needs, your business becomes their only possible choice, every single time. An unforgettable experience in which everyone chooses their own direction, every choice impacting the starting point and the journey they take. A uniquely personal journey for every single individual within your business.
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Dear Anouk and Julian. Thank you for mapping out my business and ideas centered around email marketing. It felt like a mountain I could not even begin to climb, but you have guided me to the top, and turned everything into a comprehensive story.
- Eline, Eline Massin
It didn’t take long for the pieces of the puzzle to come together. Things I hadn’t really thought about yet, but also adding more value. Without their expertise, this wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.
- Saskia, Studio Sa’qia
You’re in the right spot if you’re ready to take your marketing automations to the next level!
- Nies, Nies Cools

This is your unique ticket to the top.

Are you ready to claim it?

An unforgettable journey starts with an unseen experience.

An experience that makes people discover your brand in a unique way. Like creating a delicacy consisting of what makes your business stand out. Something new, innovative, that stops people scrolling, and makes them reflect on the choices they make on a daily basis. You want to transform their lives with what you do.

Get inspired by The Viewdeck and develop your own experience.

Make them experience firsthand what your business has to offer to them, in a unique and completely personalized way. Discover the world of Journey Architecture™ in our own interactive experience and how it can help you scale up your business. Create an experience that fits your brand. You deserve to grow to infinite heights all while preserving the personal touch that makes you stand out. Completely automated, without the need to send thousands of messages to make people feel personally involved.

An interactive preview on how you can scale up your business

Make a start at creating your own journeys in an interactive way
Discover what Journey Architecture™ can do for your business
Get an overview of your current customer journey and be inspired in what journeys and experiences can bring your business to infinite heights.

The Viewdeck™

Discover your new point of view

In a few seconds you are there: the rooftop that rises above all others.
A gentle breeze blows against your face when the glass doors silently slide open. At a glance, you’re on the same level as the most incredible skyscrapers skyscrapers you have ever seen. The world - literally - is at your feet. Your heart skips a beat when you look down, into that spine-tingling depth.
The immense height shifts your own point of view. People are moving criss-cross through the busy streets below you. You see their lives unfold with every step they take, all on their way to their own destination. It must be deafening over there, the sounds of the oncoming traffic, the crowds of people. But here, up high, the perspective makes you calm. Suddenly it dawns on you.
The routes - the unique journeys - they take on every day, are defined by the choices they make. More than ever, you want to be part of that journey. Even more, you want to become their obvious choice.
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