About us

Years ago, Creative Journey founders Anouk and Julian came into contact with marketing automatization, and its potential impact immediately intrigued them.
Soon, they realized that a personal touch and a genuine profoundness were more often than not completely skipped in the process. Marketing funnels were one size fits all cut-and-paste work - a mass product nobody ever really felt seen by. Where the rest safely stayed at the surface, Anouk and Julian dove much deeper into the unknown possibilities that automated marketing had to offer.
Things other marketers never even thought of became the most normal thing in the world for Anouk and Julian. They developed different scenarios, thought outside the box, ventured far from the beaten track, and created journeys that connected all layers of your business. Funnels designed like that, they discovered, were the foundation for everything. Change one part of your business and it affects the funnel your customers go through immediately, directly or indirectly. With their background in International Business, Anouk and Julian are so much more than just technical experts. They are first-class entrepreneurs who understand the internal processes of your business like no one else can. And so Journey Architecture™ was born: their innovative method that allows you to scale up unlimitedly without losing your personal touch.
Their inspiration didn’t just stem from the business world, but from their distant travels too. Places where everything you see, taste, and smell contributes to a comprehensive experience you can completely immerse yourself in. Singapore, where they lived for a period of time, has a special place in their hearts and symbolizes the greatness that Journey Architecture™ creates. Looking down from one of its gigantic skyscrapers, you can see entire networks. The city houses millions of people, each with their own paths and journeys. With Journey Architecture™, we at Creative Journeys are standing next to you on that rooftop - looking at all possible journeys your (future) clients can experience in your business.
At Creative Journeys, we’re not just about scaling up. We care about the immense depth, meaningful growth, and a profound connection to our own customers and their businesses. We do not want to meet expectations. We want to exceed them. Time and time again.
We are here to help your business grow to infinite heights. Not just in unparalleled results, but in immense significance as well. We are at your service when you want to create your own journey, in which Journey Architecture™ is more than an indispensable tool for scaling up your business - it’s an unforgettable adventure we create together.


Anouk is the visionary who can turn all possible scenarios into wide-scale strategies. Make her happy with amazing experiences - from an unforgettable moment in a Balinese restaurant to cocktails in a stunning Singaporean rooftop bar.

Oude Maatman MSc.

Julian is a master of precision, analyzing every single detail to create the perfect journey. Still left on his bucket list? Creative Journeys Airlines, an airline literally taking you to infinite heights. Obviously, including the five-star service he himself adores so much.